[Tool 5]: communication


Target-group communication will encourage local authorities, building and renovation professionals and citizens to renovate more and better. It will be a lever for the comprehensive renovation of more than 4 million homes in the Flemish and the Walloon Regions. We will provide, among other things:

  • An exchange platform and a training programme for the construction industry
  • A national training programme for local authorities
  • Communication via energy bills
  • Promotion of BE REEL! on local, regional, national and EU forums
  • Belgian and international technical publications
  • Large-scale marketing campaigns with tailored communication products 

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in conversation with Roel Vermeiren

In conversation with Roel Vermeiren: project leader of the Renovation Pact

In conversation with Sophie Holemans & Sophie Mersch

Working cross-sectoral is the key!


Contact for this project

Eddy Deruwe

+32 (0)2 553  15 98


Koning Albert II-laan 20 /17

1000 Brussels