[Tool 5]: communication


Target-group communication will encourage local authorities, building and renovation professionals and citizens to renovate more and better. It will be a lever for the comprehensive renovation of more than 4 million homes in the Flemish and the Walloon Regions. We will provide, among other things:

  • An exchange platform and a training programme for the construction industry
  • A national training programme for local authorities
  • Communication via energy bills
  • Promotion of BE REEL! on local, regional, national and EU forums
  • Belgian and international technical publications
  • Large-scale marketing campaigns with tailored communication products 

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News & events

In conversation with Hans Vannuffelen, Wouter Hilderson and Bert Vanderwegen

The long-awaited training modules for first-line renovation advisors (FRA) are available on our online learning platform Learnworlds.

In conversation with Jan Custers and Kelly Cautreels

The Flemish municipalities are fully engaged in reducing the energy consumption of their homes through energetic renovations.

Subsidies for 22 projects with energy consultants

22 projects with the goal to increase the renovation rate and safeguard the affordability of energy bills, were granted with more than 5 million euros in...


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