Step-by-step testing of the housing passport


The Woningpas is a free digital passport that brings all information about your home together in one handy overview and that is an important application within the renovation strategy. Since its launch at the end of 2018, we are continuously developing new functions to inform citizens about possible renovation actions to improve the energy performance and quality of the home..


Cooperation with partners

The housing passport is a realization of the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency, the Department of Environment, Wonen-Vlaanderen and the Flemish Public Waste Agency (OVAM). In the meantime, more and more partnerships are being concluded with other entities to make building information available to the owner, such as Fluvius for the disclosure of premiums and the Flemish Environment Agency, Aqua Flanders and Vlario on the theme of "water". These partnerships will be expanded even further in the future.

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Gathering user feedback

User tests were organized to improve the housing passport. In addition, a feedback button was added to the housing passport to query users' experiences. This button  also examines to what extent the housing passport can become a guideline for the implementation of energy-saving measures during the renovation process.

Co-creation with stakeholders

In order to convert the needs of the users into easily understandable information and useful functions, all development processes are set up in co-creation with a fixed group of stakeholders, such as consumer organizations. In this way, different parties get their influence on the design process and its result from different approaches