[C21] Training for professionals on the new " Roadmap of my housing Energy Retrofit"



The Walloon Region needs trained professionals with the knowhow to implement the renovation advice.

BE REEL! will validate the competence profile, determine and design the content and form of the training as well as organize them.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Walloon Region represented by SPW – DGO4 – Department of Energy and Sustainable Building – Sustainable Buildings Management


The aim of this action are to organizing new training “Roadmap of my housing Energy Retrofit with the benefits:

- For professionals:

  1. Creation of a new network of professionals
  2. Strengthening of synergies with the network of approved energy auditors,
  3. Development of new contracts

- For citizens:

  1. Availability of competent professionals who can help them with the choice of renovation works and the implementation of the latter.

Expected results

  1. The provision of a new tool " Roadmap of my housing Energy Retrofit " allowing the creation of a network of competent professionals around this tool to create and explain these roadmaps. 
  2. Updating of the existing network of professionals to meet these new needs and objectives.
  3. The further purpose of the action will be to develop the content of the training " Roadmap of my housing Energy Retrofit " and  an online IT training solution, with an online assessment;
  4. The tool " Roadmap of my housing Energy Retrofit " should be sufficiently flexible to subsequently allow the use by other approved professionals (certifiers, EPB managers, author of feasibility studies, etc).