[C19] Implementation of the "Roadmap for energy renovation of my housing unit"


The Roadmap for energy renovation of my housing unit is a property analysis. It provides the house owner with an overview of mandatory renovation works. He can make his own priorities and allows him to benefit from financial support for his renovation works with guaranteed quality. This tool is developed by the Walloon Region.

BE REEL! helps to implement this.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Walloon region represented by SPW – DGO4 – Department of Energy and Sustainable Building – Sustainable Buildings Management

Stakeholders: Citizens, professional auditors, public authorities, the construction industry


The benefits of this action are as follows:

- For citizens:

  1. provide a "roadmap for the energy renovation of my housing unit" in connection with NZEB requirements, which set the objectives to reach for one's home,
  2. make possible updating and a visualization of the progress made regarding the set objectives,
  3. develop new themes such as comfort (including summer comfort, which is essential when building insulation is pushed to NZEB standards) or the impact on health with the choice of materials, on the articulation of works with each other, on the impact of the completion of works on the occupation of the building,
  4. incite action,
  5. accompany citizens in the realization of works (choice of contractors, materials, supervision of implementation...) and thus provide a guarantee of quality work

- For professional auditors:

  1. Possess a more complete tool addressing new themes,
  2. Create a new actor profile or extend the mission of the existing actors to a support mission for citizens in their energy renovation works,
  3. Developing new markets,
  4. Objectify one's contribution through a quick survey of works envisaged by the property owner beforehand,

- For public authorities:

  1. complete the building passport (Action C20) and thereby have an evaluation of the energy performance of the housing stock in real time
  2. possess constantly updated information to supply the reportings to the European Commission - notably as part of the EPB and EE Directives,
  3. possess an evaluation tool of implemented policies,
  4. complete one's knowledge of the representativeness of different typologies, of the potential energy savings of housing units...
  5. have information tied to the actual consumption of the housing stock.

- For the construction industry:

  1. Increase the volume of activities tied to the energy renovation of housing units (entrepreneurs, materials, design offices...).

- For the climate:

  1. Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and particularly CO2, through the realization of these roadmaps for energy renovation and the works included in them.
  2. Reduce the primary energy consumptions of residential housing units through the realization of these roadmaps for energy renovation developed in the action C19, and thus the works included in them.

Expected results

  1. Increase of awareness of individuals to the improvement potential of their building.
  2. Triggering of the decision to take the step toward energy renovation, even if this is "embedded", or is part of an overall renovation project of the housing unit.
  3. Increase of the number of energy audits since the roadmap will redirect toward an energy audit for further information.
  4. Increase renovation works on the energy performance of housing stock through step-by-step renovations part of a global reflection
  5. Increase relevant renovations for the energy performance of housing stock thanks to an objectification of these through the audit
  6. Increase the quality of the renovation works for the energy performance of housing stock thanks to citizen support.