[C17] Capacity Building: Achieving general availability in the whole region of Flanders of a qualitative step-by-step renovation advice


The goal of this action is to attain a standardized, neutral, professional, high-quality and low-cost renovation advice given by local renovation advisors. This is done by creating and providing free training modules for these renovation advisors. 


Create training program

We are working together with external partners to develop a curriculum and the ensuing training program. These trainings will all be available online on LearnWorlds, BE REEL!’s online school platform. The focus will primarily lie on the local renovation advisors that do not have a technical background. In a next phase the emphasis is put more on technical advisors. 

Gather feedback

The program will not be perfect so the participants have the option to give feedback to improve it. This feedback will regularly be applied to the program to allow it to evolve in the right direction and remain up to date for the needs of the advisors. 


When the training modules go live, the number of trained advisors will rise and must be monitored. A list will be kept of all the participants that successfully followed the program. 


Contact for this project

Matteus Arinaga

project officer learning networks

02 553 30 14


Koning Albert II-laan 20/17

1000 Brussels