[C16] Capacity Building: Exchange and knowledge platform to initiate best practices & innovation and to spread out renovation expertise


An exchange platform will inventory Belgium’s and other EU member states’ best practises and learning paths, including those of the Life BE REEL! Demonstrations, pilots and testing.

BE REEL shall exchange this platform in a double way: via events and workshops on best practises and renovation expertise and via a digital platform.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation


co Beneficiary responsible for implementation: VEA, DG06. 

Stakeholders: European countries/regions, invited Belgian experts from both social as technological knowledge domains, 2 à 4 external experts.


  1. To assure that best practises and innovation is spread out (and not re-invented again each time), an
  2. An overview of learning paths and best practises is essential for an enlarged uptake or market enlargement of deep energetic retrofit.
  3. The latter improves efficiency in the setup of new initiatives and strengthens the learning process of the actors within pilots and experiments (inside and outside the LIFE BE REEL context).
  4. Via the workshops and events specific best practises and information is drawn directly towards the sector stakeholders.
  5. The knowledge platform will also showcase and as such stimulate the uptake of promising or proven techniques to the wider retrofitting market and (local) administration or policy actors.
  6. The scientific board, via its review and advice of pilots and experiments (in their different stages, especially at set-up) assures a sustained knowledge base and improvement in the execution of the numerous initiatives of the Life BE REEL project.

Expected results

  1. The activities of the exchange and knowledge platform aims to reach 1500 professional builders and building developers, 2000 architects and engineers, 250 material producers, 7000 contractors. The objective and expected results is that this platform will be the reference point for best practises, new technologies and updated information for retrofitting.
  2. This should allow accelerated uptake of advanced retrofitting practises throughout the chain of retrofitting actors, including professional builders and administrations.