[C14] Energy investments for vulnerable groups



Vulnerable groups have difficulties to make investments in their home because of financial issues, other priorities or lack of environmental awareness.

Financial measures/grants existing in Flanders to support investments in energy efficiency measures foresee extra support for vulnerable groups.

Within BE REEL! The city of Antwerp will start from the existing free energy scans for vulnerable groups, expand them and combine them smart in co-creation with local market suppliers and local non-governmental organizations

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of Antwerp.


To uptake energy efficiency investments like insulation (roof and wall), high efficient glazing or energy efficient heating systems for vulnerable groups.

Expected results

  1. 10% of the vulnerable families that have an energy scan will opt for the free tailor-made assistance on investment planning;
  2. 5% of the families that opted for the tailor made assistance will go for energy investments  (estimation: 100 investments);
  3. 500-700 additional investments like roof insulation, energy efficient heating installation or other energy efficiency measures over the 7 year period;
  4. network and expertise;
  5. new policy approach tested in pilots and larger demonstration;
  6. upscaling good practice.