[C13] Implementation of third-party investment to finance the energy renovation of buildings in La Louvière


This action consists in setting up an innovative financing system via third-party investment, to improve the energy performance of housing, including social housing in La Louvière.

The objective of this action is to improve the energy performance of at least 150 houses and 50 apartments per year, for a total of 800 dwellings (600 houses and 200 apartments) over 5 years throughout La Louvière.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of La Louvière



  1. Improve the energy performance of relatively old and weakly isolated buildings.
  2. Propose solutions to finance the work to be done (third-party investment, loans at 0%, ...).
  3. Accelerating the building’s renovation process  
  4. Reduce the energy costs of households, which account for a growing share of their budget.
  5. Improved comfort and well-being of the occupants of properties.
  6. Reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases in the area.


  1. Performance of a financial pre-feasibility study:
  2. Implementation of the third-party investment mechanism
  3. Launch a communication campaign on the Quickscan tool, aimed at citizens.
  4. Further study of certain projects through the completion of a road map
  5. Finding the right financing method
    • By third-party investors
    • By 0% rate loans in the Region ...
  6. Project Evaluation

Expected results

In social terms:

  1. Around 200 households living in an apartment will save between €300 and € 1,500 per year.
  2. Around 600 households living in a house will save between €600 and € 1,500 per year.

In financial terms:

  1. All works performed will require the purchase of materials and works for an amount of €5,200,000 between 2019 and 2024.
  2. The grant is a way to stimulate the local economic fabric;

In environmental terms:

The renovation of 600 houses towards E90 leading to:

  1. 25.560.000 kWh energy savings
  2. 1776 ton CO2 emissions reduction

The renovation of 200 apartments towards E90 leading to:

  1. 2.488.200 kWh energy savings
  2. 173,8 ton CO2 emissions reduction