[C12] Budget neutral retrofitting for vulnerable families (innovation Flemish energy loan) in Antwerp and Mechelen


For vulnerable families who have limited financial means to invest in the renovation of their home, the cities of Antwerp and Mechelen want to launch an innovative project based on the Flemish Energy Loan. They want to be able to guarantee that renovation for these families becomes budget neutral and therefore has no impact on the family budget. The monthly savings on the energy bill will then on average have to be higher than the monthly financial cost of the energy loan.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Cities of Antwerp and City of Mechelen.  VEA will finance the digital platform and support out roll in Flanders


  1. Development of an innovative financing scheme and business model for the budget-neutral renovation of houses inhabited by financially vulnerable owners.
  2. Offering renovation advice including the developed financial solution to the target group of financially vulnerable houseowners.
  3. Identify and test the best methods for approaching, motivating and monitoring these vulnerable target groups.


  1. Develop an innovative financing scheme and business model for budget-neutral renovation.
  2. An energy expert visits the households from the vulnerable target group, gives advice on the most appropriate energy-saving measures and explains the budget-neutral loan;
  3. Develop a data platform for monitoring energy consumption and comparing the monthly refunds of the energy loan.

Expected results

  1. Antwerp - 50 to 100 energy loans with guaranteed budget-neutral energetic renovation;
  2. Mechelen - 25 to 75 energy loans with guaranteed budget-neutral energetic renovation;
  3. Publication of comprehensive guidelines for an innovative business model and financing scheme (31/05/2024);
  4. Network and expertise;
  5. Innovative financing scheme tested in pilots and larger demonstration projects.