[C11] Demonstration project: Collective renovation projects in Ghent


The city of Ghent has a strongly expanded offering of free renovation advice and renovation support. The Power Plant is the one-stop-shop where all inhabitants of Ghent can turn to with questions about energy-efficient renovation. In addition to this individual approach, the City of Ghent wants to use this action to develop an additional range of collective renovation. This means that a recruitment campaign is set up at neighbourhood level and that a group purchase (insulation, windows, PV, solar boilers) is organized that guarantees the participating Ghent residents both good prices and quality.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of Ghent.


  1. Developing an approach for collective renovation at neighborhood level.
  2. Boost up the renovation level in the participating neighbourhoods.


A third party will help to carry out this action. This party is assigned through a tender. Together with the city they have the following tasks:

  1. Development and implementation of a communication strategy for 8 neighbourhoods including involvement of social actors that are active in the neighbourhood;
  2. The prospective participants receive a free renovation advice visit and renovation support;
  3. Recruiting contractors on the basis of clear criteria with regard to sustainability, quality and price
  4. For the inhabitants who wish to proceed to an operation, an offer is made. It will be checked whether these offers are in accordance with the agreements made with contractors within the framework of the group purchase
  5. Follow up the works and the premium requests

Expected results

  1. 800 households receiving renovation advice;
  2. 480 to 640 houses having executed an energy efficient renovation which results in:
  • half the energy consumption for heating;
  • 70% with energy label E60 and 30% with energy label E30;