[C10] Demonstration project: Sustainable neighborhoods in Ghent

In January 2015 the city of Ghent launched the subsidy ‘sustainable neighbourhoods’ as a temporary subsidy in combination with all kinds of support we offer. It is a new approach to stimulate bottom-up initiatives for climate. Guidance and financial support are essential to increase the quality and success rate of these projects.

In recent years, we have established that bottom-up climate projects can often have a major impact through their strength and local embedding.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of Ghent.


Actively spot stakeholders and offer support, with respect for flexibility so these civilians can organize their projects in the way they want, with the possibility to experiment.


  1. Develop Check-your-home 2.0 with new neighborhood-oriented features;
  2. Monitor the impact of the bottom-up actions via smart meters;
  3. Disseminate of the results of the projects with the aim to stimulate others to also set up a project themselves / connect people with each other;
  4. Organize brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and connect people with each other.

Expected results

  1. At least 10 projects per year completely executed by citizens, with at least an energy saving of 10% in at least 10 households;
  2. An inspiring annual event on the city level to disseminate results;
  3. A roadmap on how to guide and support neighbourhood projects that aim at reducing CO2.