[C09] Demonstration project: Shallow geothermal project Ghent


The city of Ghent will make an inventory of conditions for the project implementation geothermal energy in a city context, after analyzing 5 existing shallow geothermal installations. Based on the results of the analysis they – the city of Ghent -  will work out a strategy for how, in which situations and under which conditions geothermal can be stimulated in a city context.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

The city of Ghent.


Analyze the use of shallow geothermal energy in the form of a BEO field (borehole energy storage) for heating and cooling as a renewable energy source for existing homes with an accessible front garden in a city context. Based on this analysis Ghent will develop an appropriate strategy for promotion of this technology.


  1. Create a communication campaign to trace 5 realized BEO projects.
  2. Monitor and optimize 5 existing BEO projects.
  3. Map the conditions for an efficient and effective use of geothermal energy in a city context based on the results from the monitoring.
  4. Develop a city strategy to support shallow geothermics.
  5. Implement a city strategy to encourage implementation of shallow geothermal energy with an optimal seasonal efficiency.

Expected results

  1. Results of the monitoring of the 5 BEO projects, preferably of different building typology.
  2. A list of conditions to implement shallow geothermal energy in an optimal way in a city context.
  3. A city strategy to stimulate the implementation of shallow geothermal energy with optimum seasonal efficiency in Ghent, both for collective and individual installations.
  4. Communication campaign for the implementation of a strategy for shallow geothermal energy.