[C08] Demonstration projects collective power through solar panels



The Flemish cities Ghent and Mechelen will organize several demonstration projects on collective renewable energy, namely:

  1. Collective solar panels in Ghent neighbourhoods.
  2. Collective renewable energy for vulnerable famlies in Mechelen  - in collaboration with social housing companies.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of Ghent and the city of Mechelen.


These demonstration projects want to realize different goals in the neighborhoods:

  1. Reducing CO2
  2. Optimal use of the renewable energy potential;
  3. Reducing energy poverty;
  4. Encouraging participation in collective renovation actions;
  5. Minimize the grid load by matching production and consumption;
  6. Creating a replicable business model to be able to roll out similar projects in other neighbourhoods.


The tasks for Ghent are:

  1. The installation of solar panels with a capacity of minimum 750 kW installed on a diversity of roofs in the demarcated zone.
  2. Experiment with ways to coordinate production and consumption.
  3. Development of a scenario for cooperatives that want to roll out similar projects.
  4. Dissemination of results with a view to providing input for future legislation.

The tasks for Mechelen are:

  1. State-of-the-art analysis and preselection of social housing company
  2. Preselection of the neighborhood
  3. Technical analysis of the selected neighborhoods
  4. Legal and financial architecture
  5. Inform and motivate residents
  6. Public procurement
  7. Implementation phase - Renewable energy
  8. Monitoring and evaluation
  9. Implementation phase- renewable energy
  10. Monitoring and evaluation

Expected results

  1. Solar panels with a capacity of at least 750 kW installed on a diversity of roofs in the demarcated zone in Ghent;
  2. A replicable business model for collective solar energy at district level in Ghent;
  3. The experience and knowledge to get consumption and production of solar energy in balance in Ghent;
  4. The generated data and results are input for future legislation;
  5. 100 participating families have adapted their consumption pattern in Ghent;
  6. Lower grid load for the distribution booths in the chosen area in Ghent;
  7. A method to provide 400 residential units of a social housing company with solar energy in Mechelen.