[C07] Demonstration projects: Low energy apartment blocks



The Flemish cities Antwerp and Ghent will organize several demonstration projects for deep renovation towards low energy apartment blocks.

Antwerp will focus on large apartment blocks (+/- 75 housing units), while Ghent will aim at small apartment blocks (+/- 12 housing units)

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

the city of Antwerp and the city of Ghent.


  1. The city of Antwerp wants to demonstrate an innovative new approach for collective energy-efficient renovation of large apartment buildings, making use of the existing platforms and networks with associations of co-owners and syndics.
  2. To make renovation for apartments more accessible, taking into account financial capacity differences in the city of Ghent.
  3. Compare the tools and methodologies of both cities to learn from each other in order to improve the methods and tools used.


Expected results:

  1. Retrofit 45 large buildings in the city of Antwerp towards E90-E120 and if possible even towards low energy buildings (E60-E90), include approximately 3350 dwellings in the city of Antwerp;
  2. The renovation of 1.200 apartments towards E60 in the city of Ghent.
  3. Embedding the practice of collective renovation as a key tool for climate mitigation in its existing urban implementation strategies in the city of Antwerp;
  4. Minimum 10 guidances of syndics and associations of co-owners per year, reaching 600 households in the city of Ghent;
  5. Development of  a judicial and financial business case for the first phase of the step-by-step plan so that the association of co-owners will approve more easily the implementation;
  6. New regulations for support by city of Ghent for apartments;
  7. Best practices and a transferable script for syndics and co-owner associations in the city of Ghent.