[C06] Demonstration projects for collective renovation


• The Flemish cities of Antwerp and Mechelen organize various demonstration projects on collective renovation. Specifically, it concerns the following projects:

  1. Antwerp: renovation of 500 houses to low-energy buildings
  2. Antwerp: renovation of 250 residences to nearly-zero-energy buildings
  3. Mechelen: renovation of 75 houses to 30kWh / m2
  4. Mechelen: renovation of 50 houses to 50kWh / m2

Beneficiary responsibles for implementation

the city of Antwerp and the city of Mechelen.


The aim of this action is to develop a new innovative approach to collective renovation. This includes installing roof, façade and floor insulation and installing super insulating glazing. This project focuses on pilot projects of 8 to 10 houses each.

On the one hand to energy level E60 for 3 different target groups:

  1. Owner - residents of a single family house
  2. Tenant - residents of a single family house
  3. Low-interest target groups

On the other hand, to energy level E30 in which (partial) degradation and reconstruction is also investigated.


The tasks for Antwerp will be:

  1. Report on best practices of collective renovation in Europe
  2. Stakeholder groups definition and engagement
  3. Cocreation of strategy and project selection and planning of three specific target groups and selection of projects
  4. Implementation of 3 pilots: report and communicate about proof-of-concept
  5. Implementation of demonstration cases
  6. Publication of comprehensive guidelines
  7. Update of existing urban implementation strategies for climate mitigation in the housing segment

The tasks for Mechelen are:

  1. State-of-the-art report on collective renovation in Europe
  2. Preselection of number of possible neighborhoods for collective renovation (phase 1)
  3. Selection of one neighborhood to start collective renovation (phase 1)
  4. Developing legal and financial architecture for collective renovation (phase 1)
  5. Inform and motivate residents (phase 1)
  6. Technical analysis of the houses and proposal for collective supply (phase 1)
  7. Individual agreements with residents (phase 1)
  8. Actual renovation (phase 1)
  9. Evaluation phase 1
  10. Elaboration phase 2 based on the results of phase 1

Expected results

For Antwerp:

  1. 500 dwellings (terraced housing ) towards E60 and 250 towards E30 in Antwerp
  2. Methodology for collective renovation is layed down in different reports and tools
  3. Network and expertise
  4. New policy approach tested in pilots and larger demonstration
  5. Upscaling good practice

For Mechelen:

  1. At least 6 neighborhoods in Mechelen contacted, surveyed, informed and motivated on collective renovation.
  2. At least 270 houses scanned and receive individual implementation advice.
  3. At least 125 houses are renovated in a collective manner.
  4. Methodology for collective renovation is laid down in different reports and tools.