[C05] Pilot and demonstration projects for innovative business models for renovation


On top of pilot actions aiming at a proof of concept for the newly developed policy instruments and tools in both regions, we will work out a set of innovative business models made to measure for different segments of the housing market. Especially the following segments of the housing market where existing instruments don’t lead to extra renovation activities, need specific instruments:

  • the private rental market (especially single houses and flats, 20% of the total housing market)
  • neighbourhood level
  • big apartment buildings with several co-owners (over 150.000)

Beneficiary responsible

Flemish Energy & Climat Agency/Vlaams Energie- en Klimmatagentschap (VEKA).

co-beneficiary is SPW - DG04. 


The purpose is twofold: on the one hand the development of a set of innovative business models for different segments of the housing market. On the other hand, the development of new business models enabling the building sector and contractors to realise energy efficiency measures in a more (cost)efficient way so as to enable them to carry out bigger volumes of work. 

Expected results

  1. At least 3 business models for neighbourhood renovation are worked out
  2. At least 4 projects for group renovation of at least 50 houses are set up and evaluated
  3. At least 2 building contractors will develop and carry out pilots for at least 300 ready to use houses 
  4. Development of tools and dashboards for the building managers for apartment blocks in co-ownership
  5. At least 2 models for the deep renovation of private rental houses are set up, tested in a minimum of 200 private rental houses
  6. In total 600 terraced houses and 200 freestanding houses will be renovated to E60