[C04] City of Mouscron: Quality of life through insulation and energy saving


The objective of this action will be to make the citizens of Picardy Wallonia aware of the energy saving potential of their property and to encourage them to renovate while becoming "energy" ambassador citizens among their peers. The aim will be to renovate 900 properties (180/year).

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

The City of Mouscron, Energy Service  - The municipal Energy Service responsible for the SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) of Mouscron, which has previously developed awareness actions relative to energy renovation (RENOV Actions working group and citizen competitions), will developed the action proposed.


  1. Enhance that Walloon individuals are become aware of the potential energy savings within their properties and the various mechanisms.
  2. Creation of a mobile team for providing individuals with advice, solutions and help for individuals to identify the most relevant support. 
  3. Bringing together the city of Mouscron's energy Service, the eco representative, the energy information centre of Service Public of Wallonia located in Mouscron, local housing companies and the social credit agency.
  4. The city of Mouscron and its citizens is committed via the Covenant of Mayors in 3 x 20 for 2020 and must make every effort to respect its commitments.

Expected results

900 terraced housed will be renovated to E90, leading to

  1. 38.340.000 kWH of energy savings (900 x 42.600 kWh/year)
  2. 2664 ton of CO2 emissions reduction (900 x 2,96 ton/year)
  3. 36.000.000 euro investment costs (900 x 40.000 euro)