[C02] Pilots for testing the developed tool of the housing passport including the renovation advice


To optimize the housing passport as a central instrument, we need to test the use of it in different contexts in real time renovation projects. 


Citizen's survey

First, we would like to hear from citizens to what extent the housing passport helps them during the renovation process. Can citizens find the necessary information and financial support more easily thanks to the housing passport? Does the housing passport provide sufficient support in carrying out the renovation steps and the various implementation methods, in contacting contractors and planning the works? To find out, a questionnaire was published in the housing passport at the beginning of 2021, the first results of which are expected in June 2021.

First-line renovation advice by energy houseses

Flanders has 19 energy houses where a citizen can go for information, advice and guidance in the implementation of energy-saving renovation works. These energy houses regularly examine to what extent the housing passport can contribute even better to providing first-line advice. Their advice is crucial. When, without help,  the citizen gets stuck - and would end the renovation process - the Energy House's first-line advisor can provide him with answers and solutions..

Demonstration projects of Flemish BE-REEL! partners

Our partner cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen are also actively using the housing passport to support renovation supervision in their demonstration projects. Workshops are regularly organised with them to highlight their experiences and to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of this instrument.

Other parties

The housing passport aims to reach as many segments of the housing market as possible during renovation projects. That is why any desires of other parties are also taken into account, such as social rental offices, social housing companies, the provincial centers for sustainable construction, residential offices, and partners of the renovation pact that we gather through various channels.


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