[C02] Pilots for testing the developed tool of the housing passport including the renovation advice


To optimize the housing passport as a central instrument, we need to test the use of it in different contexts in real time renovation projects. We will examine how the information in the housing passport, including the renovation advice, does actually facilitate and help people to start and follow up the deep renovation. This action is process oriented, and complementary to Action A4.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Lead beneficiary: Flemish Energy Agency/Vlaamse Energieagentschap (VEA). 

Co-beneficiaries: Cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen


  1. to catalyse and speed up the process of the realisation of the next development steps;
  2. to facilitate necessary resources and budget;
  3. to intensify the service design and user consultation;
  4. to make the HP more efficient and result-oriented.

Expected resuls

to finalize the Housing Passport with the Renovation Advice as standardized tool:

  1. giving ownership to the house owner as active user of all information in relation to his house;
  2. measuring the energetic performance of the residential building stock at any given time;
  3. to help the house owner and public services to meet the long term ambitions;
  4. offering an extra stimulus to start with deep renovation.