[C01] Pilot projects: Testing business cases for renovation planners


The goal of this action is to test the effectivity of renovation advice in one stop shops across Flanders. The focus will lie on advice given by the provincial advice centers, several social rental offices, BE REEL! partner cities, and local advisory services working on energy poverty and vulnerable groups. 

Gather promising practices

During the course of this action, a co-creation process will be undertaken to identify best practices in renovation advice among the selected actors. These approaches will be analyzed and a selection will be made. 

Field-testing promising practices

The effectivity of the identified best practices will be tested and validated by the selected actors at the hand of several methods such as surveys, interviews, etc. The data gathered here will serve to either validate or reject the promising practice. After this task, we will know which practices are effective and should be replicated if possible.  

Consolidating and replicating best practices

The selected and effective best practices will then be gathered in a report and communicated to the relevant actors for potential replication. 


Contact for this project

Matteus Arinaga

project officer learning networks

02 553 30 14


Koning Albert II-laan 20/17

1000 Brussel