[C01] Pilot projects: Testing business cases for renovation planners


In this action, business cases for a standardised and understandable renovation advice will be developed, using the renovation advice tool. The common idea in these business cases will be the concept of a one-stop-shop where people can get a reliable and affordable made-to-measure renovation advice, that will be integrated in the housing passport. 

Beneficiary responsible

The beneficiary responsible for implementation is the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). Co-beneficiary responsible for implementation are the cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen 


In this action, the renovation advice tool will be de tested in different contexts and fine-tuned. Four different pilot business cases will be developed:

  1. Renovation advice as added service to existing local advisory services on housing/energy efficiency
  2. Renovation advice in the subsector of social renting offices
  3. Renovation advice services within the 5 provincial Advice Centres for sustainable housing
  4. Renovation advice services within the Flemish IP-partner cities

Expected results

  1. In at least 10 social rental offices a renovation advice is offered for a minimum of 300 houses
  2. The 5 provincial advice centres have given at least 1000 renovation advices to private households
  3. Dubolimburg has realized at least 100 renovation advice trajectories for private households 
  4. Renovation advice services within the Flemish partner cities will integrate and apply the renovation advice tool in their demonstration projects
  5. Renovation advice is added to the service of at least 20 existing local advisory organisations