[A07] Development of the content and form of the "Building Passport"


The Walloon Housing Passport is the identity card of a housing unit in the Walloon Region: a dynamic digital record in which you can look up and maintain your property data. This record will be interactive and scalable, containing information about the administrative and technical details of the house.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

The Walloon Region represented by SPW – DGO4 – Department of Energy and Sustainable Building – Sustainable Buildings Management


This action contributes to the concept of the "Building Passport" and will be beneficial for multiple actors.

1. For citizens:

o Bringing together the history of a building and the information tied to it (roadmap, energy audits, energy-saving works and/or restoration works). This information will enable the citizen to initiate a global renovation approach in an informed manner

o Simplifying the contacts between citizens and the Administration

2. For public authorities:

o Identifying the best way to establish the primary key for the identification of buildings 

o Defining the data to be integrated in a central database and access modalities to target groups,

o Implementing a collaborative and data exchange protocol between administrative using the database

o Disposing of a document making possible the drafting of specifications for the adaptation of the tool.

Expected results

Adhesion to the concept of "Building Passport" by administrations and policy makers widely shared.