[A06] Preparatory works for the content and form of the "roadmap of my housing unit’s Energy Retrofit”


This project will review of the EAP audit process and transform it into a complete decision-making and support tool: “The roadmap of my energy retrofit” .  The aim is to present an energy renovation scenario aimed at achieving NZEB; establish a road map setting out the order of priority for actions; provide technical guidance for the resulting works; provide support to property owners in following the roadmap; certify that the expected improvement in performance has been achieved. (ref.: building renovation strategy of the Walloon region).

The beneficiary responsible for implementation

The Walloon Region represented by SPW – DGO4 – Department of Energy and Sustainable Building – Sustainable Buildings Management


The creation of the "Roadmap for the Energy Renovation of my housing unit" will need to be planned in alignment with the creation of the Quickscan and the redeployment of the existing PAE 2 tool. 

This action is thus paramount:

  1. As part of the long-term renovation strategy which follows from Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency directive (article 4) and contribute to the implementation of this strategy.
  2. Contribute to the implementation of a policy and determine the measures for promoting the transformation of buildings to be renovated into nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB)  in the philosophy of the European Directive on the energy performance of buildings (2010/31/UE) 
  3. As a tool for the improvement of energy efficiency translated in axis 4 of the MARSHALL 4.0 plan, insofar as the audit allows for the evaluation of energy performance and for the proposal of alternative solutions (including the promotion of renewable energies), to control costs and investments tied to energy performance, 
  4. To contribute to job creation by creating a "new" profession in energy consultancy for property owners in their process of planning works for the improvement of the energy performance of their housing unit.
  5. Enabling every citizen to benefit from an accompaniment and monitoring from a licensed professional in his/her renovation project

Expected results

  1. Measuring the interest of citizens regarding the content and form of the future "roadmap for the Energy Renovation of my housing unit" by citizens surveys over a statistically representative sample (including low-income households), in addition to identifying the strengths and weaknesses
  2. Establishment of a "level of satisfaction"-type indicator.