[A04] Step-by-step testing of the housing passport


The Flemish housing passport is an important application within the Flemish Renovation strategy. It wil seve as a free digital vault in which (future) house owners can consult all information on their housing unit that is available in all the governments’ databases. The launch of this housing passport is foreseen in 2018.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Flemish Energy Agency/Vlaams Energieagentschap (VEA)


  • to catalyse and speed up the process of the realisation of the next development steps;
  • to fascilitate necessary resources and budget;
  • to intensify the service design and user consultation;
  • to make the HP more efficient and result-oriented.


Expected results

to finalize the Housing Passport as standardized tool:

  • giving ownership to the house owner as active user of all information in relation to his house;
  • measuring the energetic performance of the residential building stock at any given time;
  • to help the house owner and public services to meet the long term ambitions;
  • offering an extra stimulus to start with deep renovation.