[A03] Testing and refining of the developed Renovation Advice tool in the region of Flanders


The renovation advice tool offers the Flemish house owner tailor-made advice on the renovation needs of the separate parts of his house. This tool is an important, not to mention crucial part of the housing passport.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Flemish Energy agency/Vlaams Energieagentschap VEA


To provide each house owner with his unique roadmap for renovation to meet the Flemish long term requirement for energy performance, with individual reliable professional renovation advice. The Renovation Advice Tool:

  1. will give a rough idea of the general building quality;
  2. will describe the steps and their logical order;
  3. will give an indication of the costs of the renovation.

Expected results

To have the Renovation Advice Tool as a central tool in the renovation strategy for 2,7 million houses, together with the housing passport.  It will be understandable and standardized, avoiding lock-in situations or suboptimal options for all segments in the population and for all the building typologies