[A02] Learning network for transnational exchange and cooperation


The goal of this action is to set up an international learning network. The focus will be on inclusion and interaction between EU member states, but in principle this learning network is open for all actors across the world. The network’s aim is to gather best practices and experiences, facilitate cooperation, synchronize complementary projects, and stimulate future partnerships. 

Organise networking events

One of the big tasks of the international learning network is to organize networking events between EU projects and Belgian projects. These events can be face to face but can also take place online. 

Promote BE-REEL!

The progress of BE REEL! will be presented at international events to stimulate further cooperation and to spread our experience and expertise. 

Monitoring and creating an inventory

The development of the learning network will be continually monitored to gather and distillate the best practices. This selection will be recommended to the relevant actors. 

Replicating best practices

By organizing and attending international events, a series of ideas and projects will be retained to develop in Belgium. 


Contact for this project

Matteus Arinaga

project officer learning networks

02 553 30 14


Koning Albert II-laan 20/17

1000 Brussels