[A02] Learning network for transnational exchange and cooperation


A learning network is a cooperation between two or more partners who commit themselves to exchange kwowledge and best practices in order to achieve better results for their own projects.

For BE REEL! there will be such a learning network for the two Belgian regions Flanders and Wallonia, and for EU member states.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation

Flemish Energy Agency/Vlaams Energie-agentschap (VEA).

The co-beneficiary for implementation is DG04.


The aim of the network is to facilitate cooperation and achieve optimal synchronization between the IP and complementary (European) projects, enhancing mutual learning, information exchange and stimulate future partnerships. The partnership commits itself explicitly to work towards a harmonisation of tools, guaranteeing the potential for replication of these tools.  

Expected results

  1. Widespread knowledge of the IP, results, outcomes and partners in Belgium and in the EU
  2. Good dissemination of experiences and best practices of the IP
  3. Optimal coordination with complementary actions
  4. Comprehensive recommendations based on experiences from other EU funded projects and other EU member states.
  5. Uptake of best practices and innovative solutions, assessed to be replicable in Belgium 
  6. Improvement of results of the IP by learning from experiences in other related projects/member states.