[A01] Learning network for interregional exchange and cooperation


The goal of this action is to set up and continually improve an interregional learning network between Belgium’s three regions. The network serves to enable the exchange of experiences and best practices and identify opportunities for harmonization between each region’s tools and approaches and other possible synergies. 

Set up meetings

To enable the exchange of information, many diverse meetings will be organized between a varied group of stakeholders representing all aspects of the renovation sector. The meetings will create an (pro)active atmosphere which will further accelerate the cooperation and improve the strength of the renovation sector in Belgium.  


A twinning approach has been set up linking the knowledge and experience of cities and municipalities together and increasing the likelihood of renovations. 

Monitoring and creating an inventory

The development of the learning network will be continually monitored to gather and distillate the best practices. This selection will be recommended to the relevant actors. 

Replicating best practices

By meeting, ideas will be exchanged and a selection of projects and ideas will be gathered to replicate in other regions. Renovation approaches and instruments in one region will inspire similar ones in other regions. 


Contact for this project

Matteus Arinaga

project officer learning networks

02 553 30 14


Koning Albert II-laan 20/17

1000 Brussels