[A01] Learning network for interregional exchange and cooperation


A learning network is a cooperation between two or more partners who commit themselves to exchange kwowledge and best practices in order to achieve better results for their own projects. For BE REEL! there will be such a learning network for the two Belgian regions Flanders and Wallonia, and for EU member states

Beneficiary responsible

Flemish Energy Agency/ Vlaams Energie-agentschap (VEA).

The co-beneficiary for implementation is SPW - DG04. 


The learning network aims at enhancing the structural cooperation, exchange of information and mutual learning between IP partners and stakeholders, supporting the general goals of the BE-REEL! Project. 

Expected results

  1. At least 30 meetings with the IP-partners (core group) and 20 meetings on specific renovation topics have taken place (expert group)
  2. At least 5x2 cities are brought together for exchange activities
  3. Active cooperation between IP-partners and non-IP partners from different fields
  4. Recommendations for renovation approaches and instruments
  5. A more widespread acceptance of the long term renovation goals